Tubes, Plates and Shapes in Carbon and other Composite Materials

CREVER (Luigi Petroni & Co.) can boast thirty years’ experience in the production of conical, square, rectangular and oval cylindrical tubes and fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar, high modulus, and alutex sheets.

CREVER has always privileged quality, by integrating the ability of craftsmen with modern industrial processes.

What is revolutionary about composite is its adaptability, thanks to its characteristics of flexibility, lightness, strength and durability.

This means that a project is no longer limited by the material used: but the material itself adapts to its usage.


Flag-wavers’ poles

Flag-wavers’ poles

We are a company which has been producing black, hollow, fibreglass poles for flag-wavers for many years We produce 3 types of poles: size 20 (the lightest) size 30 (medium ) size 50 (the heaviest) We can supply 1.70m long lead-free poles, with metal brass-only rings which are or 1.90m long poles with lead, and a black slide-proof rubber grip and rubber impact-proof cap.

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Tubes and Sheets Promotion

Tubes and Sheets Promotion
SPECIAL OFFER on sheets in composite materials made of carbon, Alutex, Keylar, fibreglass etc… in…