Carbon Fibre Products

The company can boast of thirty years’ experience in the production of carbon fibre tubes and sheets for various uses in various sizes.

The Advantages of Carbon
The properties of tubes and poles made of pre-impregnated carbon fibre are low specific weight, low thermal expansion coefficient, high mechanical resistance to torsion and traction and also a high degree of mechanical rigidity.

Carbon tubes and sheets are resistant to traction in the direction in which the fibres are set out.

In addition they have a rigidity 2 times greater than the rigidity of steel structures of the same dimensions, with a resistance to breakage that is 4-5 times greater.

Structures made in carbon fibre weigh about 4 times less which is an advantage in all applications where the lightness factor is a determinant.

The favourable relationship between mechanical properties and weight leads to the use of compound materials in a wide range of different sectors.

Speed in production, the possibility of making products with mechanical properties designed in relation to the customer’s requirements, and adaptability in the creation of tubes and sheets of various dimensions are important advantages for creating high quality products that can be applied in any sector.