Flag-wavers’ poles

We are a company which has been producing black, hollow, fibreglass poles for flag-wavers for many years. We produce 3 types of poles:

size 20 (the lightest)
size 30 (medium )
size 50 (the heaviest)
We can supply 1.70m long lead-free poles, with metal brass-only rings which are or 1.90m long poles with lead, and a black slide-proof rubber grip and rubber impact-proof cap.

The poles with lead can be shortened on request from the tip or from the base in order to obtain the length required.

The poles weigh the following:

size 20 lead-free 220g.
size 30 lead-free 265g.
size 50 lead-free 280g.
size 20 with lead 810g.
size 30 with lead 855g.
size 50 with lead 870g.
The sizes are the following:

size 20 has a 7mm diameter at the tip and a 19.5mm diameter at the base, the thickness at the tip is 1mm and 2mm at the base.
size 30 has a diameter of 7.5mm at the tip and 20.5mm at the base, the thickness is 1.5mm at the tip and 2.5mm at the base.
size 50 has an 8mm diameter at the tip and a base diameter of 21mm, the thickness at the tip is 1.8mm and 3mm at the base.
We have also produced to types of poles for young people with lead 1.20m in length and 1.50m in length.

We also have a bag for carrying 10 flag-wavers’ poles complete with nylon 600 PVC coated cloth on the inside, which can also be carried across the shoulders, with the possibility of keeping each individual pole blocked in place.