Rollers and Cylinders

Production of Rollers and Cylinders in Carbon and other Composite Materials

Our company uses Wrapping Technology for producing the carbon cylinders and rollers used in:
Converting machines
Industrial machines in general
Wrapping technology, used specifically for making rollers and cylinders, consists of wrapping layers of carbon material with different elastic modulations on a steel spindle, so as to obtain different degrees of stiffness according to the structural needs required by the customer in relation to their use.

Our rollers and cylinders, made of carbon and other composite materials with the use of epoxy matrices, offer many advantages in relation to similar machines made of traditional materials, such as steel or aluminium, thus obtaining products with a high degree of rigidity but significantly lower weights, and advantages such as:

Less vibration
Reduced mechanical inertia
Resistance to corrosion
Less wear in mechanical parts
Increased production due to the greater speed of the machines
Easy to assemble
Decrease in the power to be applied
Every roller and cylinder has a specific role within each machine which will be planned and designed by our technical staff. It is now possible to produce rollers and cylinders with internal diameters of 4 mm to 200 mm.

Our company is also happy to make minimum product quantities for the purposes of testing its qualities and performance before going on to mass production.