Carbon, Fibreglass and Kevlar Tubes

Our company specialises in producing tubes in composite material and uses Wrapping technology. This innovative technology consists of wrapping various layers of composite material round steel cylinders.

In particular we can produce tubes with a circular, elliptical, square or rectangular section. Tubes with a circular section can also be produced with both a constant section and a tapered one. The materials used for producing tubes are carbon, fibreglass and Kevlar.

Tubes can also be produced to order in hybrid materials such as Kevlar carbon and glass-carbon and materials with a high aesthetic value such as Alutex.

It is now possible to produce cylindrical tubes with internal diameters of 4 mm to 200 mm. What we produce is used in the following sectors:


Tubes for desalinating
Tubes for spear guns
Tubes for booms, bowsprits, stick, awnings, rails, etc.
Tubes for making umbrellas for yachts
Tubes for making ladders for yachts (no assembly)


Tubes for lamps
Tubes for design


Tubes for industrial machinery
Tubes for converting machines

CYCLING: Tubes for bicycle parts

MOTOR CYCLING: Tubes for silencers

GOLDSMITHING: Tubes for use in goldsmithing

SKIING: Tubesforski sticks and poles

AERIALS: Tubes for aerials

AGRICULTURE: Tubes for olive-harvesting machines

ADVERTISING: Tubes for Flying Banners

MODEL-MAKING: Tubes for model-making

FLAG-THROWERS: Poles for flag-throwers

ASTRONOMY: Tubes for making telescopes

We can also work out special or personalised solutions and our technical office is here to assess every request, without any commitment on the part of the customer.